Your First Cruise Faqs

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Picking The Right Cruise

Typically Carnival has the best reputation as family Cruise line. But Disney is likely the best other option but cost more.

Try to pick a port close to you and save time and money. Airfare can run from $250 to $650 per person.

While interior rooms might be cheaper, they are not for the Closter phobic being very small at about 150 square feet. While stateroom with balcony’s can be larger, cove balcony rooms are very popular today and actually have a slightly larger balcony.

Yes and no. Some have exclusive contracts and own their own islands like Disney and Carnival. But most serve the same ports.

Yes. Carnival is about to launch one, and there are several others. Some are river cruises verses ocean cruises.

Yes. Decks lower to the middle and center of the ship are best for those prone to getting sea sick.

Usually water, coffee, lemonade, tea and other drinks are offered free as are the dining rooms, buffets and select fast-food options on most ships also free. This is pretty good for most people. Yet there are soda, alcohol packages, along with specialty restaurants at a nominal extra cost. Also some ships offer a all-inclusive rate and are usually higher end ships.

Some cruise lines offer occasional promotions that offer kids under 7 and younger a free cruise with parents. Keep an eye out for this offer and ask Elle about current promotions.

Yes. There are a few that offer more Alaska cruises than others. Ask Elle about taking a breathtaking cruise to Alaska.

Yes. Uber and other rideshare services service most US ports.

No. Some ships range from 700 – 800 passengers, while most ships come in all sizes and offer different capacity’s. Most ships range from 2500 to 4500 people sailing at any one time.

Packing For Your Cruise!

Normally you can bring two per person under 50 lbs each. Check with each ship to confirm.

Yes on most ships. But only up to a single 7.5 liter bottle of wine or champagne in your luggage. NO glass bottles are permitted through security.

No. Nothing that creates a fire or high-heat are allowed and will be confiscated at customs or  security. They do have iron rooms on select ships.

Yes. Just in case your luggage is lost, you have a change of clothes, special medicine. or to carry important documents like your passport, wallet, purse, etc.

No. Firearms of any kind are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated by security. Don’t even try!

Yes. Many ships have a few formal nights during the cruise. This does not have to be a tux or major gown, but at least a little dresser than just normal  casual attire.

Many pet stores like PetSmart, Petco and others offer pet boarding for a nominal daily or weekly fee. You can also ask a friend or family member to pet sit for you. There are also pet sitter services on the web.

Legal and Covid-19 Stuff!

Yes most of the time. It must be from your country of origin and can take about 12 weeks to get it once you apply. So the sooner the better.

Yes, however some ship are making exceptions for the UNVACCINATED. This is not recommended as some ports of call will not let you in their country.  Some if not most now require a negative covid-19 test within 72-hours of your boarding the ship even for VACCINATED cruisers. Masks are now required to board and while on the ship in certain high-traffic areas on the ships.

Yes. It is required you show a photo id, passport or birth certificate when you board the ship or go through any post of call customs.

No. Laws are the same when it comes to smoking and drinking alcohol on a Cruise ship. Most ships require you to be 21 and show you id if in question on the ship. Smoking in permitted if 18 at most ports however between those ports and the USA you must be 21.

No. Almost all cruise ships require a top on at all times. Some adult only ships do so but this is rare and only in permitted areas of the ship.

You can not legally leave the country. Contact you probation officer and ask if they will make an acceptation or allow you to take a cruise. Chances are they will say no.

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