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BYOB - Bring Your Own Soft DrinksOTTOMAN - Use It for Cabin StorageEYE PROTECTION - Bring Sun GlassesDON'T BURN - Remember Sun Tan LotionEXCURSION MUNCHIES - Bring Some Extra Snacks

Planning Your Cruise Tips!

Give yourself a full work week off as most cruises leave on a Saturday or Sunday and are 5 – 7 nights long.

Try to pick Cruise ports that are close to your home to save time on travels.

Be sure to think of the ports of call, destinations and what ships might best best for couples or families.

How much can you afford so you are not facing financial hardships when you return home? Most Cruise lines require full payment 30 – 45 days prior to your Cruise date. Be sure you can pay off the entire Cruise balance before that time.

Some people forget that they must also fly to the city were the Cruise originates, or drive if close enough. Be sure to budget for these extra costs, which can range from $250 to $350 per person if flying.

Interior cabins are cheaper but very small and almost never have windows. Cove balcony cabins are all the craze today and have a smaller balcony, while full state-rooms have fill size balcony’s and are more costly. Look for deals and special promotions offered time to time. Ask Elle about deals right now on Cruise ships.

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle of WineSHH QUITE - Use The Door Snooze SignROOM FAN - Bring A Small Room FanPRE-ORDER WATER - Save Money Order Bottles of WaterLEG HUGGER - Get A Strap On Leg Hugger

Packing For A Cruise Tips!

Try to only pack a few sets of clothes and shoes as possible. 4 – 5 sets of clothing works well as most cruise ships offer laundry clearing services from $15 a bag and even washers and dryers.

Just in case, pack a small overnight bag just in case your luggage does not make the ship. This should include any medicines, legal papers and other basic hygenic items.

Basic first aid item’s like at least 50 spf sunscreen,  band-aids, tylenol, tums, bug spray, skin lotion, eye drops, gauze, medical tape,  etc. This is a must when your on a cruise. Trust us it can be very expensive if bought on the ship.!

Yes just like mom said, pack extra undies and socks darling. You will find you sweat a lot in the tropics and will use at least 2 per day each.

Yes people actually go on a cruise and forget their trunks or bathing suit. While at it, go to Walmart or amazon and get a cheap pair of water shoes, great for those beach excursions. Trust us you feet will be thankful.

The sun is a lot brighter in the Caribbean and on the water. Grab a few extra pairs of sunglasses and pack them in your luggage. Same with a few hats. Dollar stores have $1.00 sunglasses which are great for this propose. You’ll be glad you did.

Many don’t know but you can bring one 12 pack of soda per person in your luggage. When packing add it to your luggage at home, OR  pick it up before the port after you fly.

Easier to put all your hygiene items in one small bag in your luggage. This can include all your shaving stuff, toothbrush, ear wax remover, nail clippers, nail files, razers, cotton swabs, etc. 

PASSPORTS - Get Your Passports or a Bring a Birth CertificateBE SAFE - Use the Free Cruise Cabin SafeSHAMPOO - Scrub Adub DuckyROOM DECORATION - Decorate Your CabinDOOR DECALS - Door Magnets and Metal Decals

Hacks and Useful Tips!

Go to the dollar store and get some large magnetic hooks for the walls and door in your cabin. These are great for drying your swim wear, hanging things, etc more as most cabin walls are metal.

Again got to love dollar stores. Get a few $1.00 AAA flashlights and $1.00 6 packs of triple AAA battery packs. Never know when you might need a light on your cruise ship at night, or an excursion. Also get a simple LED nightlight for your cabin. Those rooms can get very dark.

Yes you know it. The dollar store and Walmart sell a cheap plastic roll-up shoe organizer that makes a great over the door organizer for  almost every thing from band-aids, to deodorant, shavers, ear tips, lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, tylenol, handy wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, and more. Get one trust us.

This is a easy way to share notes with other guests, or your family. Write a short note and stick in on the wall, mirror, or their stateroom door if in another cabin.

Bring a cheap cork screw opener if you plan to bring wine in your luggage. 

Today you can buy a cheap small fan to move the air around your cabin for $5.00. This is a great way to also have room noise if your neighbors are newly weds, lol, and a great way to have white noise if you are a light sleeper and like a room fan.

You can never have enough USB ports, so we always have an extra 3 way USB adapter for under $5.00 and even a non-power surge style 3 way us power strip. Again see the dollar store.

These water bottles will come in handy a the buffet and other places where you can top them off FREE with drinks included by the ship. Try to get the kind with built in sippy lids so you don’t have to constantly open the lid to have a drink.

DRINK BOTTLES - Bring Your Own Tin BottlesHOLD MY HAT - Don't Burn Your ScalpDON'T TRIP - Bring a Small Cabin NightlightGO WRINKLE FREE - Use The Free Iron Room

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DRINK BOTTLES - Bring Your Own Tin BottlesHOLD MY HAT - Don't Burn Your ScalpDON'T TRIP - Bring a Small Cabin NightlightGO WRINKLE FREE - Use The Free Iron Room

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